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Running from October 2nd 2021 to March 6th 2022, the Game On exhibition in the Forum building in Groningen, the Netherlands, coincided with the 50th anniversary of the first-ever (commercial) video game: Computer Space. This helped the team greatly in finding an original focus for this wonderful, travelling exhibition by the Barbican in London, that has been doing the rounds since 2010. The playable collection of some 120 original games from all eras was theirs, but Forum Groningen added its own layers of design, themes, and structure to it. 

As a guest curator, I helped secure over a dozen playable video games from Dutch game studios, marketing materials, and more, while simultaneously aiding with the larger "Experience 50 Years of video games" theme by designing "Game changer" moments that marked important moments in those 50 years. I also co-organised (and sometimes co-hosted) showcase events where video game designers like Tomas Sala (The Falconeer), Arjan Brussee (Jazz Jackrabbit, Fortnite), and studios like Guerrilla talked about their craft. 



Imagery courtesy of Forum Groningen. For more information, tickets, see here


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