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Video game writer

Editorial and concept. Research and image research, interviews.

Client: Guerrilla Games, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Detailed, illustrated account of the design and design philosophy behind the Killzone video game series. Together with Maarten Brands of Cook & Becker I sifted through 2TB (!) of digital art files, interviewed key creatives at Guerrilla Games at length, and finally wrote and compiled the book.

Published by Next Gen Art Dealers Cook & Becker, Utrecht, The Netherlands. Online sales here.

Angie Smets, lead producer at Guerrilla Games: “Our wish to document 15 years of Killzone visual design was taken up by Arjan and Maarten Brands of Cook & Becker, who took our image archive and a wealth of designer stories to build a book that does much more than show selected imagery; it truly documents the coming-of-age of our studio. “


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