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Running from October 2022 through March 2023, the Lessons of the Wild exhibition in Museum Storyworld explored the game Horizon Forbidden West. Partnering with Guerrilla for this, the Storyworld team produced an exhibition that focussed on how the Horizon Forbidden West game came about, and what it entails to bring a blockbuster game to life. 



Special care was taken to involve younger visitors, who were invited to build their own robot from Legos or draw facepaints in the way facepaints are used in the game. Physical materials (reference items for the in-game crafting of tribes, mostly) supplemented digital assets, and we were lucky to include the beautiful wax Aloy statue as a loan. 

My role for this exhibition was chief curator, linking our efforts with our partners at Guerrilla. I co-developed the concept, wrote the exhibition copy and played linking pin between our designers, Guerrilla's staff, and our logistics managers. 

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