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For the Storyworld museum in Groningen, the Netherlands, I curated the exhibition Wakawaka! 40 Years of PAC-MAN. Running October 1st 2020 to January 10th 2021, the exhibition highlights Pac-Man's incredible design and impact in a combination of texts and objects. For this exhibition, Bandai Namco Entertainment was an official partner, aiding us with imagery and original Japanese Pac-Man objects, while a slew of US based collectors helped us find original Eighties' merchandise like rollerskates, t-shirts or lunch boxes. The National Video Game Museum in Zoetermeer borrowed us a couple of original Pac-Man arcades to top things off - it wouldn't be a Pac-Man exhibition if you could not play the game. 



For more information on the exhibition, please visit the exhibition website. For more information on the Storyworld Museum, you can look here

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