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Video game writer

Lead Writer. Story development, character development, in-game dialogue, barks, cutscene scripting, et cetera.

Blaze: Revolutions is a near-future RTS title for PC platforms, released on Steam Early Access April 2020 dealing with a dystopian, corporate-controlled future, in which bands of rebels disconnect from society and start their own herb-infused counter economy.

Client: Little Chicken Game Company, Amsterdam, Holland. Teaser trailer below! 


Tomas Sala, Creative Director:

“I had the pleasure of having Arjan as part of our creative team and chief creative writer for our upcoming game Blaze: Revolutions. Being an off-beat game that relied on storytelling to regale its message, of urban revolution and green technology, it required a writer capable of adding wit, pop culture awareness and social message that shouldn't drown in its own attempts to be edgy.

Arjan was able to take our outline , rough ideas, concept art and gameplay requirements to craft a story that is filled with dark humour that meshes with all the varied requirements for making high quality narrative video games.

It is very rare for a game to attempt to express something of the current zeitgeist and reflect back upon our tumultuous times, and for this we needed a creative writer that was articulate and well-versed beyond the usual requirements of game writing. We found that writer in Arjan Terpstra and with his skills and writing he elevated our game to the next level.

Beyond being able to spin a great tale, Arjan is aware of game development, it's ups , downs and pitfalls, and thus can be slotted into a team working on the most intensive narrative games. We found him to be sensitive to the needs of our game designers and digital artists and a willing participant in creating a smooth process.

Highly recommended, a living encyclopedia of popular culture and gifted storyteller.”



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